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always_blue's Journal

The Wandering Dreamer
14 May
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Sometimes I'm like the sky...

Sometimes I'm in a state of depression...

But I'm always me...
1800's, alcohol, amvs, ani difranco, anime, antiques, astronomy, attitude, beauty, books, calligraphy, cats, chanslash, chatting, chatting online, chinese food, cliff mccormack, cluedo, cold weather, computers, control, cravats, criminology, crystals, csi, death, depression, dogs, dragonball z, drawing, dreams, dvds, edith layton, emeralds, emotions, england, enigma, esp, evangelion, excalibar, fanfiction, fantasy, forbidden love, fortune telling, france, freedom, french, friends, fun, fushigi yuugi, geeks, georgette heyer, gormenghast, graphic novels, graphology, harry potter, hotel babylon, html, hugs, infatuations, inner beauty, internet, jade, japanese, jewelry, jokes, knives, languages, latin, legend of zelda, lolita, long hair, long walks, love, magic, make-up, merlin, midori, mountains, mozart, mp3s, mr bean, multipule personalities, music, music videos, mystery, mythology, nerds, novels, numerology, obsessions, older men, original stories, ouran host club, palmistry, patrica cornwell, perfume, pretender, professors, psychic academy, psychology, queen mab, quotes, rabbits, reading, regency era, regency romance, reincarnation, romance, runes, sand, sci-fi, secret admirers, self inflicted pain, sex, sexy accents, shakespeare, sherlock holmes, slash, slit wrists, snow, solitude, stamps, stargate sg1, studying sleep patterns, suicide, supernatural, swimming, talking, tarot, teacher/student relationships, tennis, the internet, the pretender, thinking, true love, truth, unicorns, updating webpages, veronica mars, virtual insanity, walking, webpage design, wolf's rain, writing, yami no matusei