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The Wandering Dreamer
Living in Sydney I know the value of a good seat. We have an abysmal train system and good seats (especially in the morning) are very difficult to get. I'll admit that my manners are bad at times (I put my feet on seats (I take my slippers off though) when I sit on a three seater at night and I hate moving for others to sit next to me that I'll actually move very little for them.. but since this is late at night.. and nearly 10pm you can understand my grumpiness).

The other day I was on the morning train. There was a few people standing including an large, able bodied, middle aged Indian man (I was sitting down at this point in time reading/revising Japanese). A little while later a older lady got on the train. When I noticed her I hit her lightly with my papers (she was a little farther away) and asked if she wanted to sit down. She said "no" so I left it at that. When someone moved to get off the train, the Indian man raced over for the vacated spot, but the lady sitting down next to him moved over to the vacated spot (to be closer to her friends) so the older lady could sit. He was close to pushing that older lady for the seat. Later he moved further away but rushed right back when there was a seat. Urgh.. it was rather pathetic to see a grown man reduced to that sorta thing.

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I've been feeling on edge lately. Ever since I decided to get my tongue pierced I've been snapping at people and just generally bad- tempered. Actually I've been as nervous as hell what with the stories and everything and I don't have many outlets so I'm just using people. *shrugs* It's bad I know. One of my collegues got a bitchy speech from me after he pointed out that I seemed a bit quiet. I hate it when people pick up on every little change that I make. It's annoying. Just accept it and move on. I don't need to be happy all the time I'm around people.. I'm allowed to have emotions... still.. I know that's not what he was implying.. it's just.. urgh.

Anyway.. I got my tongue pierced today! Finally!

Well I started off with a bacon, eggs and toast dinner (god that was yummy.. pity there were no sausages) because they said to eat before you come in. Then I went wandering around trying to find the place. Newton isn't a bad place to be.. kinda funky in it's own way. I had a look at some of the piercings.. some of them made me extremely queasy. I was extremely giggly when the Scott took me in to get it done. I can't control my giggles when I'm nervous. I hadn't realised that I still had that problem. I giggled all the way home. There was a cute guy on the train too.

Doesn't hurt as much as I thought. My tongue actually doesn't feel that bad.. although I do have a slightly numb feeling all over. Still suffering from giggles.


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Saw the new James Bond movie on Friday. Was quite good. A bit too much with the whole "I wuv u"'s but it was good all the same. I think I'll try to make a habit of seeing a movie at least once a month.

I want my tongue pierced. As well as my name changed. I don't know why but there is a pull to these. I think.. there's a pull towards doing it. I think I would be more comfortable with myself if I did.

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For the record she's one of my work collegues and she speaks Cantonese. Today she asked me how to make Hanian chicken. For all those who don't know it's boiled chicken. I went kinda blank when she said that trying to figure out how stupid she was until she explained that she just wanted to know how to make the sauce you dip them into (the main reason I didn't catch on in the first place is the first sauce is the usual sweet and sour which varies from here to there and has a unique tang to whomever creates it and the second is an ginger/shallot/oil mixture which goes with a lot of stuff).
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I'm nearly halfway through my Business Admin course! Yay.. this means that hopefully I can finish it in 2 months! Hopefully.. gotta study and get those assignments done now. I'm really slack with them. But with Christmas and that.. urgh.. it gets messy at times.

Been doing a lot of walking. Did a bit of a walk/run the other day. Before work. Was awake like crazy for the morning then went to sleep after lunch. Won't be doing that again.

This job is so stat focused.. bit annoying really. They're too focused on stats. Some of the kids are going to complain soon I think. Hmmm...

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Seriously, I'm rather slack at this journal lately. I didn't write an entry for all of December.

Things are going okay.. well not great.. a bit behind schedule but okay.. I'll make it work.. just like I always do.

Studying Business Admin via correspodence.. please kill me now...
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Well it's that time again. Time to go job hunting. Don't get me wrong I'm okay with my current job as an auditor.. but realistically it's not going anywhere. No gates are going to open because I had this role. There's very little chance that they'll even offer me another temp job after this one as well (especially with all the upheval going around and not to mention politics). I found one particular job that I liked though. It was as a data verification officer (which is similar to a previous job I've had and enjoyed before the stress levels got too high). It sounded good so I applied for it.

The next day they called back.. saying they wanted to met with me.. which I agreed to.. No problems right? Well.. turns out the place I applied for is looking for 5 full time officers and 3 part time ones. In order to get the best deal possible they told 4 recruitment agencies about the job and the agencies in turn advertised the positions. They told each agency that there were 5 full-time positions and 3 part-time positions. That means there is a minimum of 32 applicants 20 of which I have to worry about. 20 applicants going for 5 places and that's as a minumim. My agency that I'm going through is sending 7 resumes, I'm guessing that if I go by that 7 as an average there are still two agencies that list the advertisment for that position so if I up those to 10 applicants from those.. I'm going up against about 24 people for 1 of 5 positions. *growls* Bloody bastards!!

I guess I should be grateful that they're wanting people to start right away. As a result the ads are only up for 2 days with some agencies. *sighs* I hope I get this job. It may only be for about 2 months but it's high profile job and it's stuff I know. It will look good on my resume if I can say I worked there.

Oh and the girl at the agency said she'd highlight part of my resume because I'd worked in another government agency in such a similar job and though with a lesser level of depth I had worked in enough government agencies for her to be quite pleased with me.

Well.. wish me luck with this one!

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Lately I've been feeling old.

To be honest, I haven't accomplished that much in life. I'm 25, I speak one fluent language and I've never been to uni. I've never completed a course after finishing high school that is of significance..

And for that..


I feel it is too late to change. There's a part of me deep inside that believes that I'm too old to change. That I'm 25 and I'm never going to be able to master French or Japanese. What's the point?


Talked to some of my friends who gave me the kick up the arse I needed. Still... I think I will be going to uni in a couple of years.. see what I can do. *grins*
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So I saw the dietician today. 2nd visit. Lost 900 grams in 2 weeks. Which isn't too bad since I gorged myself on some of my favourite foods just after my first visit. Could have lost more.. but it could have been a lot worse. Need to keep closer tabs on what I eat.. and keep watch on the GI foods I eat.

Going go-kart racing in August. That should be fun.

Damien died yesterday. Damien's one of my old colleges. He was a nice guy who was easy to get along with. I like him (as a person). It's hard to think of him gone. He was only in his late 20's or so. Not sure on how he died. More details to come.

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I think.

Alright.. I have a decent job. It's telesales but it's a nice atomsphere and the people are good. It's a temp job but that's cool.. for now anyway. It's a decent job where I'm happy. Although I have to admit it sucks going into work everyday and Liverpool is quite a depressing region I have to admit at least

Tomorrow I see the dietican about my weight. That is going okay. It took a little while to find my feet there but I think I'll be okay there.

Friday I'm going with Andi (another guy I met on the net) to see the Da Vinci Code.. I swear we must be the two biggest losers not to have seen it before now.

Saturday I have French and have to see the HR consultant about help with my selection criteria for this new job that I want. It's 51 grand a year so it's pretty good. I'm not sure how if I'll get it or not (possibly not) but at least I'll have an idea on what to do and all that.

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