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And yet again.. I'm pissed - The Wandering Dreamer
And yet again.. I'm pissed
Jeez.. you would think that Mathy would shut up if she has that much work to do but still she manages to butt in and ask questions every time. I know she can't hear us over all the noise where she is yet she still demands to know what's going on to the point where if she doesn't know she'll still try to the degree where she'll forget about her work. The fact is she isn't quite as competent as most people are, has no time management skills yet still she demands on trying giving suggestions which people have already tried and then double checking their work even though she barely doesn't know any of the crucial information. Caroline backed her up today saying "you shouldn't have a go at her" and I felt so pissed off at her. This is because I always help her out when she's down and depressed and she just turned on me like that. The worst thing is Mathy is the sort of person who demands on knowing what's going on even if you sigh. Which really makes life difficult at times.

I could slap that girl. Well at least she doesn't go through the bins looking for information but it's only a matter of time. Seriously it's really NONE OF HER BUSINESS!! THE STUPID BITCH!!

Whoever said persistence is a virtue NEVER MET MATHY!!
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