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Family Issues - The Wandering Dreamer
Family Issues
One of my Malay cousins is coming to visit next week {with her mother-in-law (my aunt but not blood related on my dad's side) and three sons}. She's going to be living in the city near me. My dad hasn't asked me if I want to visit (or my brother and mom) and truth be told I think that my cousin doesn't really care. They're only in town because of her husband's work.

I don't know.. my dad's side everything's a muddle and a pain in the arse and so frustrating. I always feel as though I'm trouble and just a pain if I visit them because they have to go out of their way to greet me and such. Or their jumping through hoops for me. I just want to meet and see them and that always seems so difficult. I don't know.

At least my mom's side love me. I think.
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