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Book Reading.. - The Wandering Dreamer
Book Reading..
Lately things are okay. I mean I have a good time I think. I do my classes

I read My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. The story is centred around Anna's desire to want to be legally able to make her own decisions regarding her own body and of course Kate. Kate who is dying and has been since the age of 2. Kate who has been given 14 years of life due to her sister Anna. From the back blurb you get the feeling that it's a really strong and emotional read.

It is.

Unfortunately, it's not only that. Throughout the book while we are know the situation is between Anna and Kate and the fact that Anna no longer wants to support Kate (she has no normal life due to being needed constantly in case Kate should go to hospital, she can't play sports because she has to miss practice too much because of her sister) and her desire to go to trial you feel that the story is all about Kate. Kate constantly holds centre stage (and does come across as a spoiled brat at times) the son is barely mentioned (his issues in the book are never fully resolved merely given an band-aid solution).

When Anna does finally get her medical emacipation (with her lawyer as a back up) she has it for one whole hour before she is hit by a car. Her lawyer makes the decision to give one of Anna's kidneys to Kate (which she fought for the right not to do when she was alive), Anna's funeral is never discussed. Her death is not pondered on by the other characters. There is no pretty eulogy as to Anna's life (What would you say? She was a loving girl who gave her entire life for Kate? Of course that would upset Kate so no). Whileall the characters think about Anna's medical emacpiation her death is never thought of.. merely glossed over by Kate.

Which totally sucks. It's like saying to Anna: You were born to save your sister (that's why we had you) and in the end you giving up your whole life and dying for her was just enough.

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