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Being nice is good and all but..... - The Wandering Dreamer
Being nice is good and all but.....
Today I was dead tired. Getting home at 11pm last night and having to start work at 8am (meaning I leave home at 6.45) all this week and doing overtime as well meant that I deserve a nice relaxing weekend. I also deserve to travel home hassel free on the train, bus/taxi. I got the train part (especially since I left at 4pm) but not the taxi part.

You see I needed money to pay for the taxi but fortunately there was an ATM right next to the station. After I came out with some much needed cash I went to the taxi stand. There was one construction worker before me. Then there came two smokers, and Indian man, and someone else behind them. There came a woman with her man (since I doubt they were married) and a baby and some shopping. One taxi came along. The construction worker said "I'm going to let them go since they have a baby." Well, I wasn't too happy about it but I what could I do? I let them go and so did everyone else. An old lady came along, then two taxis. The construction worker said "I'm going to let her go" mainly because she was elderly and because she had a cane (there was plenty of space for her to sit if she wanted.. but no.. she had to stand at the front of the line).It was obvious that this oh-so-good samaritan was going to let every disabled, elderly or pram pushing person in front of us. I had enough. It was bloody peak hour for gods sake.. the taxis were slow coming (there wasn't any major weather issues like it being too hot or cold or raining). I walked past the line muttering "that's it, it's obvious you're going to do this all day" and got in the second taxi before the construction worker could let someone else jump the line.

And I have to admit that my taxi driver was fantastic about the situation. Just saying supporting stuff especially since after I quickly said my story he said "some people are just stupid" and saying stuff like that. I really should have given him a bigger tip (I gave a 3 dollar tip (tipping is not necessary and up to a person's discrestion). But it was only a $17 fare.

The construction worker said I was "rude" and stuck his finger up at me (a guesture which I returned) but the truth is he is inconsiderate. If he really wanted to do the right thing he should have gone to the back of the line after he let the woman with the pram, kid and boyfriend jump the line. I see no problem with what I did.. I only jumped in front of him (after he let two people jump in front) since I was second in line. None of the others waiting for said anything bad about it (that I heard). I think that some of them were a bit fed up with the situation since it was getting a bit ridiculous but were too polite to comment. Well.. unfortunately for him.. I'm not them. I am me. And I feel fantastic that I didn't let some do-gooder walk all over me just because he hasn't hasn't got enough karma points.

And you know the best thing about this is? I probably got to my destination 3 hours before that contruction worker did!

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