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Black Friday.. tennis etc - The Wandering Dreamer
Black Friday.. tennis etc
Played tennis with Gino today. It was a bit awkward with the meet times and such but after that we a bit of confusion we decided to met at the tennis courts. It was bloody annoying to receive two phone calls while I was in the toilet too (especially since I didn't have much credit on my phone), one call was from my employment agency which I returned ASAP.

We played for awhile. It was good. I got to try out my new racket. The only problem was that Gino kept on stopping here and there to check up on his friend who said he was going to come and Gino was afraid he had gotten lost. He eventually came and we played two against one (me) for awhile. I improved my serve a bit but I really need to get back into the swing of things. My new racket has a lot of power behind it. I think I scared Gino a bit with my serves and I wasn't even serving very well.

We met up with Gino's friend Raymond when we had about half an hour left to go. He wasn't that good of a player but he wasn't that bad either. We had Macca's for dinner. Gino told us about his demonized pasta which has 1.5ltrs of tomato paste and a kilo of mince meat in it and god knows what else because he makes it whenever he's in a crap mood and still has some left at home.

On the way back to the station Ray said "voulez-vous couche avec moi" to which I started laughing at (because it means "do you want to sleep with me" in French) and he didn't know that. Gino and I laughed ourselves silly because Gino knows French as well. Poor Ray.. we took away a slice of his innocence. I also recited a bunch of tales of what happened to me in France. Ray's now scared of going there. *giggles*

I need/want to take tennis lessons. I will do so in the after June. Right now I'm too busy with French, Japanese, Business Admin (which was supposed to be done ages ago) and of course work.. and I have about a half dozen movies I want to see.

PS need to start at moving out of home by the end of this year.

Must look into getting flight lessons.

Look into the UPC further.

Get teeth whitened.

See if I really want a Change of Name.

Movies I want to watch:
Hors de Prix
Paris Je t'aime
The Illustionist
As it is in Heaven

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