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French Film Festival... - The Wandering Dreamer
French Film Festival...
Yay.. it's that time of the year again. French Film Festival time (to be honest it's just after the Japanese Film Festival which I didn't bother going to and before the Italian one which I know I wan't be going to). I saw 4 films. Le Lievre de Vatanen, J'etais chanter, Le Petit Lietunant, and La Tournese de Pages.

My favorurite was Le Lievre de Vatanen mainly because it was a heart warming comedy about a journalist who after seeing a tragedy he can't photograph he quits his job and decides to go around the world with a wild hare.

Oh.. how I loved it.. but man.. I really need to study my Japanese now..
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axl12 From: axl12 Date: March 26th, 2007 08:54 am (UTC) (Link)
hmm French movies
I love the language but the pace man, it's sooo slowww
I haven't watched a non-slow French movie

is it at AF btw?
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